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I haven’t posted in this space for a while. At first it was because I was busy and literally couldn’t focus on anything else until the event I was planning was over.

But that has been over for two weeks now and yet I couldn’t post.

See the thing is I have been feeling overwhelmed.

On Monday (yes 1st December) I started my Christmas shopping. For me this is highly unusual. I am usually half done by mid-november.

We put the tree and the decorations up on the weekend. So the house feels Christmasy. But I haven’t got organised yet with my advent calendar.



Last year I did an advent calendar of activities for my kids. It included things like making cards, buying gifts for friends, cooking christmas treats and taking things to charities to help those in need.

It took a fair bit of work to think about an activity for 24 days, and make sure that they could each participate. And I have been collecting ideas and craft activities, but it just hasn’t all come together yet.

So guess what? I’m not doing it this year.


I love having words up in my house and I have bought some blocks that I can change each day. At the moment they say “peace and joy”.

The advent calendar was not giving me peace and/or joy, quite the opposite in fact, so I have eliminated it from Christmas this year. That doesn’t mean I won’t do it another year, but the reality for me right now, is that other things need to be prioritised.

And in fact I know I will still do christmas cooking, and craft, and giving, and serving with my kids. I just won’t do it on a set day scheduled by me in an advent calendar.

How about you? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are there some Christmas traditions that really don’t have to happen this year? What would happen if you eliminate them? I’m sure it wouldn’t be the end of the world, in fact you might just get a bit closer to what Christmas is really all about.

Me, I’m open to the fact that other things may have to go, to keep my peace and joy this christmas. And we now have an old-fashioned “open-the-door” advent calendar for this year instead (oh and we’re behind on that too!).


2 thoughts on “advent traditions

  1. love it! clean and simple. No nonsense. not: is it right or wrong, should I or shouldn’t I, but “is it working for me right now?” if the answer is no, ditch it! perfect. xxx

    1. Thanks Keren. I find it is so easy to get caught up in creating traditions for the kids, that I forget it’s not meant to be that hard.

      I’m learning to go with the flow, and who knows maybe the activity calendar will be back next year. But it’s definitely not for now (thanks for sending us the open flap one by the way!) xx

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