Christmas wordplay

comfort and joy

Yes I know, it’s not Wednesday, and I’m doing word play. But I’m not willing to sacrifice my love of alliteration yet so it’s “weekend wordplay”!

I thought in these weeks leading up to Christmas I would focus on words that are important for this season.

One of my favourite carols at this time of year is “God rest ye merry gentlemen”, with the beautiful line “O, tidings of comfort and joy”. (Yes – I have blogged on this carol before!)

So what exactly is comfort?

Comfort:  a state of ease or well-being;  relief from affliction, grief etc.; a person, thing or event that brings solace or ease.

And my dictionary also tells me that it comes from Old French and Latin meaning “to strengthen”.

May you be strengthened this Christmas season, and may you also be a source of strength to others.

So below is a version of “God rest ye merry gentlemen” to help strengthen you.

Wishing you tidings of comfort and joy,