Christmas wordplay II

peace on earth

I love hearing the Christmas story again and again, and I love the bit where the angels appear to the shepherds and make that grand statement:

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.”

But then I talk with my friends who are going through real hardship, or I see the craziness and bustle of this time of year. When I see my children overwrought and overtired, and then see that in myself. I can not help but ask where is the peace?

My dictionary says this is peace:

Peace: the state existing during the absence of war; a state of harmony between people or groups; absence of mental anxiety; a state of stillness, silence or serenity.

In reality I have loads of mental anxiety, very little stillness or serenity, and well, let’s just say harmony in my little family has been a little lacking.

My Christmas soundtrack features one of my favourite singers Harry Connick Jr (What can I say I have a thing for pianists!), and today’s little offering which helps me find my peace is below:

I pray on Christmas he will get me (and you) through another day,


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