time to … celebrate

My youngest had her 4th birthday yesterday. So on the weekend we had a little party for her friends. And last night the grandparents joined us for dinner and we made a big fuss of her (as you do).

I also helped in her kindy class yesterday. The teacher called her up the front and asked about all the fun and fuss for her birthday. Little miss was sharing all her news until she went off track and starting telling the teacher about celebrating our new bench!

Yes, the teacher was as perplexed as you. Allow me to explain …


On the Anzac long weekend, Mr spent time each day putting a wooden lid on a box we have under our patio to create a bench. Finally, when it was all finished we sat on the bench. The girls with a cranberry juice and us with our wine and we said cheers to a new thing and a job well done.

Sometimes we intentionally have traditions that we establish in our families and some naturally occur. Somehow as a family we have developed a tradition of celebrating. And it’s a tradition that I am growing to love.

Now the girls are instrumental in suggesting celebrations. We celebrate the first swim of the summer, with drinks and snacks by the pool. We celebrate the planting of a new garden sitting on the front porch with icy poles. We celebrate the effort and the achievement.

It doesn’t have to be a big thing. The night when both girls did up their pajama buttons by themselves, we all met in the hallway and did a happy dance to celebrate.

We gather together as a family (often with something to eat and drink) and we intentionally pause, and say this is good. This is worth celebrating.

And it is creating a culture of appreciation of the things we have and the things we have achieved in our family. It is creating gratefulness amongst us all.

Sometimes I have a tendency to finish a job, and then immediately be looking at what is next on the list. I move on to the next thing without stopping to acknowledge that something new is here and be thankful.

And that is why I am so grateful that my girls are teaching me to pause and be thankful.

Now, I think I might celebrate a blog post written, with a cup of tea and bit of chocolate!


PS – check out my celebrate board on Pinterest for more inspiration

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  1. I know it’s been a month since you wrote this but twas definitely a good reminder for me to just pause and be thankful. Love it! Thanks Jo xx

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