on uncluttered minds and uncluttered spaces

plateI have been talking a lot about my new rhythm this year and you would be forgiven for thinking it is just about writing. Because, well that’s pretty much all I have blogged about!

But if you recall when I introduced this phrase back in January, I also talked about one day being house day. A day for intentional decluttering. And I haven’t written about that because it is a slow process, and painful and it seems like I am making no real progress.

Or at least these are all the reasons I have in my head to tell you. But if I dig a little deeper, a little closer into my heart, I discover another reason altogether.

It is because I can’t declutter.

Not my house.

Not the play room or the closets.


I am trying to achieve some physical decluttering but mentally and emotionally I am definitely not in that place.

And yes I know that uncluttered spaces can lead to peace of mind, but I think the opposite is true too … An uncluttered mind might just lead to uncluttered spaces.

And yes this is a recent realisation.

Hence the recent spate of “be still” or “be quiet” posts on my Facebook feed.

And as this soaks in there will probably be some more posts focusing on being present, not worrying about the future, and letting each day have its own rhythm and pace.

I sigh … a lot. To the point where the girls comment on it. “Mum what’s that sigh for?”

It is because at heart I am exhausted by all I feel I have to do. Because I am fed up with trying to hurry everyone along and get them places on time. Because I am emotionally taking too much on board. In reality we have never once been late, everything gets done, and I just need to relax a little. Clear out some of the junk that is hanging around my head.

In this day and age we all have a lot on our plates. Your plate might look different to mine but I bet it is just as full. The real question is “how much of what is on my plate actually needs to be there today?”.

How much is yesterday’s left-overs? How much is tomorrow’s fruit that is not yet ripe? If we clear those things off our overloaded plates, we may just find we have a healthy plate for us to deal with today.

Here’s to uncluttered minds and uncluttered spaces,