school holiday wordplay – flexible


flexible: able to be bent easy without breaking; adaptable or variable

It has been school holidays. That makes three Mondays when I have not been able to have my writing day. And next Monday is another holiday (hmm might need to rethink Monday writing day!)

So the peace and quiet to sit and write, think and express, have I missed it?


Have I survived?

Yes! In fact I’ve actually thrived.

I have spent two weeks focused on my girls, playing, creating, and yes adjudicating arguments. I have been outwardly focused for a while, and it has been a great time together. To the point where I felt a little sad as I left the school this morning (just a little though!)

And now I have my peace and quiet to sit, reflect and write. And isn’t that what flexibility is all about, not being so rigid in your plans that if they go awry you break!

What about you? Do you need to add some flexibility in your life? Where do you need to practice bending without breaking?


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