actually it’s not all about me on Mother’s day


I have had a wonderful Mother’s Day, being thoroughly spoilt by my girls (with quite a lot of assistance from Mr).

I have enjoyed celebrating with my church family, and my mum and I’m looking forward to celebrating with my mother-in-law this evening.

But something about all this praise and focus on me is bugging me. Because it is not just me that is raising these children.

I owe so much to mother’s group and the child health nurse that got me through the early days as a novice mum, especially with Mr travelling a lot.

I could not have got this far without the amazing women who have kids just a bit older then mine. I don’t see these women very often anymore, but I call and say “help please”. And they talk with me on the phone listening to me cry, gently speaking wisdom and often saying “they are still young” and “this too shall pass”.

I am ever so grateful for the young women who have not even thought about children of their own yet. But have created connection with my girls, and babysit so that Mr and I can have a night out.

I am grateful to those who have just got to the stage where their own children are marrying. The women who will come and help out when Mr is away. Enjoying my young ones before their grand-kids arrive.

So many women to be grateful for … For the women who pray with me, sharing my heart in searching for wisdom for my children. For those that teach my children in any way. For their beautiful grandparents, aunties and god-parents, the close circle of influence for my girls.

And finally the unsung person in mother’s day. The one who got the girls organised to get a present and make a card. The person who helps me clean up vomit at half-past midnight, who persists in doing a little girls hair even though she yells every time he goes near a hairbrush. The one who makes me a coffee every single day and shares my dreams, hopes, fears and love for these girls. (Thank you Mr)

Don’t get me wrong … I love Mother’s Day. But it’s not actually only me raising these children. So thank you to all the other women (and men) that have touched my child’s life.

Happy Mother’s day,