just a little list – scents

the smell of coffee

My eldest daughter is very sensitive to smells, she notices beautiful (and stinky) smells straight away. You should have seen her the other day with my new leather handbag. “Mum that smells amazing”. Mr and I are sure she is going to either be a Perfumer or a Wine-maker. Either way we’d be happy!

But as you do with kids I have been trying to trace where this came from and realised that actually her sensitivity to smells comes from me. Watching her enjoy and indulge in the good smells has helped me to once more take notice. So today’s little list is just of scents that I love:

  • fresh-cut grass
  • roses still in the garden covered in dew
  • a new leather bag
  • fresh herbs (rosemary, thyme, basil, coriander … anything really) as you brush past them in the supermarket or garden
  • fresh ground coffee and freshly made coffee
  • a new book
  • rain on hot parched ground
  • my girls’ apple shampoo lingering on newly washed hair
  • fresh-baked bread
  • next doors BBQ (it always seems to smell better than ours! Why is that?)
  • the salt tang of the sea air (no seaweed please)
  • fresh picked apples
  • eucalyptus trees
  • fresh baking waiting on the counter for my girls after school snack
  • fragrant teas – Earl Grey or Thé à la rose
  • chocolate (of course)

And on that note I am going to indulge my senses by enjoying my morning coffee,


just a little list



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