on rainbows, lists and hope


It is August, it is cold and rainy, and I have finally succumbed to a cold that has been threatening for days! I am feeling miserable and winter is getting me down.

As I pulled into the driveway after school drop off today, there was a rainbow right above my house. The familiar faded colours of hope, shining despite the clouds. And I thought it is time for a little list.

So here is a little list of things I am looking forward to:

  • the soup I am going to make for dinner tonight
  • date night with Mr for his birthday
  • an upcoming extended family holiday to celebrate significant birthdays
  • snuggling on the sofa and watching movies, because I’m sick (gotta find a silver lining)
  • Some catch ups with old friends
  • my first creative retreat
  • Christmas (because I always look forward to Christmas and it’s closer than you think)
  • my next writer’s retreat
  • The lemon tea, that I will have when I finish this blog post

What about you? Are you finding that winter is getting you down? Do you need to find some things to look forward to?

Write a little list. I have found a little hope goes a long way.

Now lemon tea,