use the pain

the struggle


When I was giving birth to my eldest daughter, it was a public holiday and so we did not have my usual obstetrician. The new doctor came into the room as I struggled and pushed to birth my child and uttered these words of advice “get angry”.

It wasn’t really useful advice for me and when I was finally holding my beautiful daughter in my arms, he said “you don’t get angry much do you?”

When I gave birth to my second daughter I had my usual doctor and he too uttered words of advice as I worked to birth my child. But this time the words were “use the pain”.

His advice changed my attitude and instead of fighting against the pain, I accepted it, moulding it and using it to help me birth something beautiful.

Both these children were born, but one with more struggle and fight and the other with acceptance of the necessary pain.

Where are you at the moment, are you fighting pain, getting angry at it and willing it to go away?

I’d take a guess that that approach is causing even more pain and frustration right now.

How about changing your tack and accepting the pain? How about  breathing into it and using it? Who knows you may just bring something beautiful to life.

(Speaking to myself here too),