What I am reading in March


Here we are tail-end of March, and I haven’t told you my reading picks for the month yet. And that is because I have simply been reading. Instead of deciding to read … I have just been reading, and reading, and reading. It’s amazing how much reading time there is when you are not watching TV.

So this is a summary of what I am reading or have read this month in some broad categories.

Poets and poetry:

I have loved the typewriter poems by Tyler Knott Gregson, for a number of years. So when I discovered his collection Chasers of the light: poems from the typewriter series in Fremantle one Saturday morning it followed me home!

As did Letters to a young poet by Rainer Maria Rilke. This is a small book with a lot of depth. I have notes all through my copy of this book; which covers the craft of writing, the sorrows of life, and questions of doubt and faith.

Creativity and writing:

Another small book with much packed in, is the The Memoir Project by Marion Roach Smith. This is directed more particularly at the craft of writing a memoir. Again many notes all through my copy.

Lastly and absolutely the one I am having most fun with is Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. Gilbert is both inspiring and challenging as she tackles creative living. I find myself nodding at a point she makes one minute. Then wincing as she kicks my butt with the next. A must for any creative.

I am so enjoying my time to read. And I can already see how exciting it will be at the end of this year to look back at all I have read.

2016 … reading the year away!

Join me for the journey,






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