the everyday struggle with fear

faith brene brown
I have discovered when you intentionally place the phrase “fear or faith” over a year, you find fear has many faces.

Just when I think I have dealt with the fear of comparison, then perfectionism rears its ugly head. Just when I think I have dealt with the fear of failure, then the fear of success arises. It is like the mythical beast Hydra. You chop off one head just to have three others sprout back in its place.

Fear is always a paralysing force. It stops the creativity from flowing. In Greek mythology Hydra is said to have poisonous breath. And so it is with fear, if it breathes on my creativity with its perfectionistic demands then my inspiration shrivels and dies. If it whispers in my ear about what someone else is doing I am stuck and cannot continue.

So I choose faith.

I am constantly choosing faith.

That is the key. This isn’t a one off “I choose faith” that will cover my whole year. It is “I choose faith today, and tomorrow, and next week, and sometimes even for the next hour”.

Choosing faith in my creative world is just like faith in my spiritual world. It is a one off choice some time in the past and a constant everyday struggle in the present. It is the same with any great decision. The vow of a wedding ceremony is followed by many days of choosing love, often struggling with that choice.

And some days you feel all excited and gung-ho, and choosing faith is easy. And some days you choose faith even though you don’t feel it, and you cannot see your way out. And that’s ok, because the more you choose faith, the less hold fear has. Oh it’s always there, don’t get me wrong. But it has less influence; its breath is less poisonous.

Where do you need to choose faith today, and tomorrow, and again the day after?

Join me for the journey. It is worth it.