a prayer for those in pain

As you take that deep breath,

The one that fills your battered lungs with enough air for the tears to fall once more.

As you scream out the “why’s” and the “how’s” and “how could you’s” until you are hoarse.

As you fall into the numb, disconnected, dreamlike state that passes for life.

As you accept the flowers, and the cards, and the hugs, that shouldn’t be required.

As you bite your tongue against the platitudes that maim.

As you grieve.

As you mourn.

As you adjust to how life now looks

With its absences,

With its brokenness.

May you know that this rawness

Won’t last forever.

May you be understanding of your own overwhelming emotions.

May you give yourself time and space to restore.

May you let the river of grief rush over you.

And when you reach the depths,

May you see glinting in the darkness,

Sparks of healing,

Glimmers of hope,

And shards of peace.