Some thoughts after releasing a book

It is almost two months since my new book Beauty in the Ashes: Learning to Lament was released. I have tried to start this blog post a number of times since then, but the emotions have been so large, and the words have been so elusive that it would not settle into anything cohesive. Like … Continue reading Some thoughts after releasing a book

Beauty in the Ashes

I have spent this weekend with an amazing group of women on a writing retreat. We all arrived at the tiny monastery town with our journals and our laptops, our fears and our expectations. We spent the weekend writing, chatting, and walking around the beautiful peace-filled grounds of New Norcia. And then on the last … Continue reading Beauty in the Ashes

In the midst

The trees are darkand closing in You don’t know howyou found yourselfhere but you did You are tiredyou stumbleand overcome by exhaustionslump to the ground The reality of lifeis overwhelmingthere is no clearpath aheadjust this placein these woodsin the gloom May you knowthat it is okayto find yourselfhereon the forest floor May you not rejectyour … Continue reading In the midst

Thoughts after attending a funeral

Thoughts after attending a funeral

She was my age. Younger actually as her birthday is in July. We grew up together, I was at her wedding, she was at mine, we were in home group together. Yesterday, I was at her funeral. It was beautiful. And heartbreaking. There is something about attending a funeral of someone your age that that … Continue reading Thoughts after attending a funeral

a prayer for those in pain

As you take that deep breath, The one that fills your battered lungs with enough air for the tears to fall once more. As you scream out the "why's" and the "how's" and "how could you's" until you are hoarse. As you fall into the numb, disconnected, dreamlike state that passes for life. As you accept the flowers, and … Continue reading a prayer for those in pain