In the depths

in the depths poem by Jodie McCarthy

I notice it already,the shortnessof breaththe tightnessin my chest I don’t want to venturebelowthe surface the shallowsare safeand known the deepis murkyand unclear yetsomethingdrawsmeunder a faint glimmerin the gloomy darka hint thatperhapsthereis treasureto be found so, I breathedeepand dive (Note: This post is part of Amanda Viviers #writemakecreate challenge for Summer)

all the feels

I had a conversation with my girl the other day about an upcoming excursion. 'I'm feeling nervous, and excited, Mummy.' 'Oh sweetheart,' I replied, 'that's perfectly normal when you try something new. To feel nervous and excited.' The look of relief on her face when I said that, the way she released her breath, the hug … Continue reading all the feels