On haiku and heartache … the reality of parenting


Yesterday I helped my 6-year-old write her first Haiku. We brainstormed a topic, counted syllables, and created a poem. It was wonderful for this poetry-loving mother. I had tears in my eyes, as I thought, “I will write a blog post about this tonight. My daughter wrote a haiku and my heart is full.”

The blog post never happened.

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on coffee and the little things


He made me a coffee this morning.

He makes me a coffee every morning.

Yesterday was Valentines and he made me a coffee. Today was just the plain old 15th February and he made me a coffee.

See I happen to believe that it is not the grand gestures, but the little things that make up a relationship.

We are often focused on the extravagant gestures, the big moments. The proposal in a hot-air balloon; the flood of flowers filling your room as an apology; the romantic presentation of tickets to Paris.

But actually the true value is in the little things.

I am exploring this concept in my post over on Kin Women today:  The little in love.

Click on over and check it out.

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choose life

chooselifeA school holiday favourite has been enjoying dance parties with my girls. And as everyone gets a chance to pick the music, one of their questions has been “what music did you listen to, when you were a girl?” It has been the perfect opportunity to introduce them to the delights of 80’s pop!

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what hospitality looks like

cookbookI love to cook and eat, and laugh around the table with a bunch of people. I have this thing for hospitality.

I have a bookshelf filled with cookbooks. I have a kitchen equipped with cast iron cookware and good knives, baking tins and serving platters. My pantry is always stocked.

It’s in my DNA, my mother loves to cook and entertain, as did my grandmother before her.

So this season that I’m in right now with little ones at home, is so very challenging.

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