choose life

chooselifeA school holiday favourite has been enjoying dance parties with my girls. And as everyone gets a chance to pick the music, one of their questions has been “what music did you listen to, when you were a girl?” It has been the perfect opportunity to introduce them to the delights of 80’s pop!

“Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” by Wham has now become a firm favourite to the utter horror of Mr. And I think he is even more mortified that I know all the words.

But, as I have been reminiscing about my pop-filled childhood, the video for the Wham song stuck in my head. For those of you with hazy memories, George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley wandered the stage in T-shirts which said “choose life“.

Choose life?

What does that mean in my everyday?

What if I imagine everyone I spoke to was wearing that T-shirt?

How would it change my reaction to my daughter who has accidentally upended milk all over the place? If I imagine her wearing a shirt that says choose life?

How does it change my reaction to the person who took the car-bay, right next to the school, that I had been patiently waiting for?

How does it affect my choice to scroll Facebook or to read with my kids?

How does it affect the way I speak at the checkout or in the doctor’s surgery?

Or even closer to home, how does it affect the way I speak to my husband, when I am tired and grumpy and have had a hard day?

It is an interesting exercise, (apart from the fact that it enables me to imagine everyone wearing a great big baggy white T-shirt), it makes me pause and think twice about what I do and what I say.

So today (along with Wham), I’m choosing life.

Join me for the journey,