In the depths

in the depths poem by Jodie McCarthy

I notice it already,the shortnessof breaththe tightnessin my chest I don’t want to venturebelowthe surface the shallowsare safeand known the deepis murkyand unclear yetsomethingdrawsmeunder a faint glimmerin the gloomy darka hint thatperhapsthereis treasureto be found so, I breathedeepand dive (Note: This post is part of Amanda Viviers #writemakecreate challenge for Summer)

a blessing for a time of pause

As one season draws to an end, another lies ahead. It is tempting to finish one season whilst rushing headlong towards the next. Allow yourself to pause awhile in the sweet liberty of this time of in-between. Take some time to rest in the residue of the old and the anticipation of the new. Let this time of transition … Continue reading a blessing for a time of pause

blessing for a mother halfway through the term

  As you lay your weary head into your hands and pray that they sleep, As you wash the plastics and cut the lunches to do it all again tomorrow,   As you attempt to reason with children whose reason has all been used up by others during the day,   As you place another … Continue reading blessing for a mother halfway through the term