enjoy the ride

roller coaster

I am the kind of person who loathes roller-coasters. I hate the fact that I am not able to know when the next turn will be. I hate going upside down. I hate the slow crawl to the top of the hill, knowing that at any minute we will be hurtling to our death. I even hate watching film of roller-coasters as it makes me sick.

And I can’t understand those people who are totally fine with roller-coasters. Those people who say “oh, it’s so much fun, just enjoy the ride”.

I don’t enjoy the ride.

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bukowski quiet

It is quiet.

This week has been a big one for our family. Over the space of the last five days we have had:

Two Christmas concerts.

One little girl sick.

One final team dinner for me.

The yearly tradition of making dozens of mince pies with my mum.

A swimming assessment.

And a free dress day that I totally missed.

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