What I am learning about breathing

What I am learning about breathing

I’ve been thinking a lot about breath of late. Of how vital it is and how much we take it for granted.

Maybe it is because I have started a weekly Tai Chi class that focuses so much on the exhale and inhale. Maybe it is because my constant phrase to my daughters when they get stressed or upset is, “Breathe”. Maybe it is because I find myself saying it when I text my friends, (I’m unsure whether it’s more a reminder for them or for me.)

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enjoy the ride

roller coaster

I am the kind of person who loathes roller-coasters. I hate the fact that I am not able to know when the next turn will be. I hate going upside down. I hate the slow crawl to the top of the hill, knowing that at any minute we will be hurtling to our death. I even hate watching film of roller-coasters as it makes me sick.

And I can’t understand those people who are totally fine with roller-coasters. Those people who say “oh, it’s so much fun, just enjoy the ride”.

I don’t enjoy the ride.

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bukowski quiet

It is quiet.

This week has been a big one for our family. Over the space of the last five days we have had:

Two Christmas concerts.

One little girl sick.

One final team dinner for me.

The yearly tradition of making dozens of mince pies with my mum.

A swimming assessment.

And a free dress day that I totally missed.

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