a blessing for a time of pause

wet grass glow

As one season draws to an end, another lies ahead.

It is tempting to finish one season whilst rushing headlong towards the next.

Allow yourself to pause awhile in the sweet liberty of this time of in-between.

Take some time to rest in the residue of the old and the anticipation of the new.

Let this time of transition work its magic, in recalibrating your mind, and reenergising your body.

Watch your shoulders relax, and your breath release.

Observe the quiet minutes of the day.

Give space for the constant clutter and clamour of your mind to ease and abate.

It is easy to get uncomfortable in the pause, to get restless in the stillness.

Allow yourself to rest and let the golden buried nuggets of truth rise to the surface.

Submit yourself to emotions long suppressed.

Let them wash over you in waves of exhaustion, or joy, or pain.

Resist the urge to numb, with activity, or food, or alcohol.

Trust the journey.

Recognise and acknowledge how you feel.

Then as the feelings evaporate, give yourself space and time to remember the rhythm of your soul.

Breathe deep.

Acknowledge all that the past season has brought forth within you.

Look forward with expectation, and embrace the new.



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  1. Oh Jodie this is wonderful. What a breath of fresh, sun-warmed air. x

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