blessing for a mother halfway through the term



As you lay your weary head into your hands

and pray that they sleep,

As you wash the plastics and cut the lunches

to do it all again tomorrow,


As you attempt to reason with children

whose reason has all been used up

by others during the day,


As you place another load of clothes in the washer

and fold the load from yesterday,


May you know that this endless monotony

is not in vain,


May you receive boundless patience

and overwhelming love

in the face of seeming ingratitude,


May you have glimpses of the seed that you are sowing

the woman she will be

the man he has in his future

because of your faithfulness

with the mundane,


May you give yourself grace

and not hold yourself to exacting standards

of tidiness,


and self-control,


May you hug tight,

laugh loud and long, and cherish

those you have been given,





3 thoughts on “blessing for a mother halfway through the term

  1. Lovely! It’s not until your children are grown and no longer want a hug or to hold your hand that realise the mundane moments are probably some of the precious moments that we have /had! That every moment is like bricks in a wall.

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