refining a dream

jess owens

I was asked the other day, if I am getting pleasure from writing this book, at the moment. It is a hard question, because it feels more like it just has to happen. This book has to be written. There is nothing I can do about it, I can write it or I could explode. They are pretty much my options right now.

Maybe that sounds insane, but that is honestly how I feel, so each day I sit down and I write a bit more. To be frank, at the moment, it is hard going. I have no idea how to write a book, never having done this before. I have no real idea what this book will look like. I just have to write and watch it develop before my eyes. Slowly, painfully, but it is developing. So each day I just try to write a bit more, and I almost let the process lead me to discover what the product will be.

It is so funny because I am all about the journey. For goodness sake it is a my byline: “encouragement for the journey”. Yet, sometimes when you are on the journey, it’s not actually all that fun. The journey often looks like hard work. It often looks like little steps, almost in the same spot. But that is where the refining is, that is where the dross falls away. In the process the irrelevant or downright toxic, is burnt away and falls to the slag heap. Then you are left with the precious metal. The pure gold.

What is your journey? Maybe it is not a book, maybe it is a new business or a dream to connect people in innovative ways. The thing is the dream is bright and glistening, but in you hand you have an ugly unformed lump. It is going to take lot of effort, time, and yes even some pain, to get that rock to the point where it resembles the dream.

You have to decide whether the dream is worth the effort. Not just today, but tomorrow when it still needs work, and the day after, and the week after that.

As for me, I’ve decided (despite the pain) this dream is worth it.

Join me for the journey,


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