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you've got this

I was having a particularly hard day so I texted my best friend … “I’m struggling, and Mr has just called to say he will be late”.

She called and I answered even though it was crazy bedtime here, the worst time for a chat. “I can’t talk, it’s crazy”, I said and she replied, “you’ve got this”.

As I put down the phone my eldest called out to me. She had thrown up all over the bathroom floor.

As I was showering my sick girl, cleaning up the mess, and fielding questions. All I could hear in my head was “you’ve got this”. As I was keeping her calm, and keeping her sister out of the way (but feeling like she was helpful). I could hear “you’ve got this”. As I put her to bed, and we prayed, as I settled her sister, and Detolled the house. I could hear “you’ve got this”.

My friend had no idea when she phoned how important those words would be. I had no idea when I pressed ‘answer’ how important that 22 second call would be. “You’ve got this”

The importance of a cheerleader in our everyday life can not be underestimated.

“You’ve got this” … Do you need to hear those words?

Hey single mum, trying to negotiate everyday parenting and manage your work … “you’ve got this”.

Hey beautiful woman who is navigating life with an ache in her heart for her soul partner … “you’ve got this”.

Hey tired mother, feeding again for the fourth time tonight, wondering if your child will ever sleep … “you’ve got this.”

Hey lovely lady with your heart scarred by thoughtless words and inattentive actions … “you’ve got this.”

Hey amazing woman who is battered by one health diagnosis after another … “you’ve got this”.

Hey fabulous grandma with kids and grandkids on the other side of the world … “you’ve got this”.

Let’s be cheerleaders for each other. Let’s encourage one another. Who needs to hear “you’ve got this” from you today?


Oh and PS: “You’ve got this”!


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