It’s mid-February, how is your year going so far? Have you started a new job, moved house, new study? What are the changes in your life this year?

In January everything seems exciting, interesting and sometimes a little daunting. By mid-February it has settled a little more and is starting to feel normal.

And yet, I want to hurry this process along. This process of fitting in, figuring out my new environment, finding my way. I want it done. Now! 19th February – ok I’ve got the routine – done. But life is not like that. And neither am I.

So at the moment it is still early days, and as a family, we are dealing with emotional, physical and mental adjustments to our new routine.

Enter our word for this week’s wordplay:

to alter slightly, esp. to achieve accuracy; to adapt, as to a new environment; to put into order

Well, there is no hope of us achieving accuracy, but here is hoping that we manage to adapt to our new environment and get some semblance of order soon.

And hoping the same for you too, whatever your adjustment is,