on chocolate, tea and choice

tea cup

I have been wrestling with some hard questions today, about the choices I make in the supermarket.

On the back of the International Women’s Day Facebook flood, I have the fate of hundred’s of women in my heart. Those women who have been trafficked. Those women who are slaves. And those women who are working in unconscionable situations to bravely raise their families.

But thankfully, that is over for another year, and my weary heart can take a rest.

Hang on, what is this I read about ethically-sourced chocolate for Easter? Ok I’ll print out the list, I can do that.

But then, I follow another link, and find out that tea-farming is also an area where people are being exploited.

And do you know what my reaction was?

Tea?! … As well?

Click on over to Kin Women to read the rest of the post.

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