2016: faith, vulnerability and community


My year runs in tandem with the school year, so I am really starting to get my mind around what 2017 will look like now. I have been labelling kids school supplies and checking uniforms and thinking about the year ahead.

Every year I chose a word for the year, and I will tell you my word for 2017 in my next post. But as I prepare to start this year it is a good idea to review last year’s word. I say word but in 2016 I chose a question … ‘fear or faith?’

When you ask the question ‘fear or faith?’ And then you choose faith, you find that faith leads you to places of deep vulnerability.

Yet, I have found time and time again that with vulnerability has come the most amazing connections to community.

In choosing faith I told you all I was writing a book. And all through the year that vulnerability has led to the question ‘how is the book going?’ a question from the community who are cheering me on and want me to succeed.

In choosing faith I said yes to a number of speaking engagements. I was vulnerable in stepping into a new arena, and an area of stretch for me. And I was welcomed so whole-heartedly by the communities I spoke in.

In choosing faith I went to a number of classes and retreats to grow my skills, learning photography, speaking, writing. And in each of those places, when I was vulnerable enough to share what I didn’t know, or to read my work out loud. I found a community cheering me on, encouraging me, teaching me, stepping alongside me and holding my hand.

Yes, my question over 2016 was ‘fear or faith?’ But the answer was most definitely vulnerability and community.

So thank you to all of you that touched my life last year, thank you for texting, calling, emailing, chatting. Thank you for journeying with me through 2016.


PS – for those of you that are wondering, the book is not yet finished but it’s closer than it was at the start of last year … still need you to cheer me on!