A prayer for a new season

prayer for a new season

As you finish this season a little tired, a little weary, a little over it all.
As you look forward with anticipation and trepidation to the uncertainty ahead.
As you take the rest you require, yet your own exhaustion surprises you.

May you be gracious to yourself,
As your mind flows with an avalanche of thoughts previously unheard.
May you allow yourself the time you need to adjust,
And let change come to you at its own pace.
May your hands unclench and release the past.
And may your spirit be open to the promise of the future.

May you find peace in the new rhythms of not doing.
May you find rest in the quietness of your days.
May you find the healing you didn’t know was needed.
And in this space of the in-between,
May you find hope in the dreams that rise up.
And may this time of renewing give you the strength
To follow them.


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