gather and grow

who you needed

On Saturday, I had the opportunity to attend a gather and grow with Amanda Viviers. An introverted group of writers gathered around the table. All of us came with no clue if we knew anyone or not. All of us came with a desire to learn and an open heart to growth.  And so this reticent group slowly and quietly aired their questions, and shared their fragile dreams.

And I came away thinking. “Yes! This is what it is about”.

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On broken plates and beauty 


One of the images I took a mental snapshot of was a broken China plate on the side of the road. It was crisp and white with the rose pattern standing out. A glimpse of beauty in amongst the rubbish and dirt of the slum.

It is an image I can’t shake and it sums up the contradictions of Cambodia for me so far … beautiful but broken, flowers amongst the rubbish, stark white catching my eye from the dirt.

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actually it’s not all about me on Mother’s day


I have had a wonderful Mother’s Day, being thoroughly spoilt by my girls (with quite a lot of assistance from Mr).

I have enjoyed celebrating with my church family, and my mum and I’m looking forward to celebrating with my mother-in-law this evening.

But something about all this praise and focus on me is bugging me. Because it is not just me that is raising these children.

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