word play (three words for the price of one)

The processing of my week in Cambodia to work with the wonderful people of Transform, continues. It has evolved, as I have worked through the questions that have been raised by my experience.  But currently I am going through a process of re-evaluating.

I am thinking carefully about the stuff we own, the things we fill our time with, the things we spend our money on, the relationships we cultivate, the things we think are so important in our life.

3 words


And as I do, I realise that I had some ideas already pre-Cambodia, and we have been slowly working on moving towards our goals. So in truth it is a re-evaluation of our ideas.

But for some areas it is in fact not a re-evaluation but an evaluation. It is the first time I have seriously thought about these things and the impact they have on my life, my family and the world in general. The dictionary defines evaluate as:

evaluate: to ascertain or set the amount or value of; to judge or assess the worth of

And in the end both of these words, evaluate and re-evaluate come from “Value”. What do I value? Are my values reflected in how I live my life, or is there a disconnect with what I say I value and my reality?

Is there stuff in your life you need to evaluate or re-evaluate? Where do you place your value? Is it in the stuff around you? Or the relationships of influence that you maintain? Is it in your home? Or the school you send your kids too?

Are you ok with what your values are? Or do you need to re-evaluate them? Does your life reflect your values or are there changes that need to be made to bring it back in line?

I’m asking the hard questions.

I know.

Because these are questions I have been asking myself for the past 2 months. But I believe asking the hard questions is worth it.

So there you go, three words for the price of one, ‘evaluate’, ‘re-evaluate’ and ‘value’.

Isn’t that good value! (I’m so punny!)