processing (a post Cambodia word play)

Things have been a little quiet around here since I got back from Cambodia and that is because I have been processing:

Processing their reality and our reality.

Processing the lottery that means my children are born in Australia with all the access to education and health that their birth place entitles them too, and they … well they are not.

Processing how despite the disparity in what can be seen as the tangible haves and have-nots, there is so much less tangible stuff that they have and we have not.

They have joy, they have patience, they have gratitude.

We have dissatisfaction, a need for endless more, and an attitude of entitlement.


process: a series of actions which produces a change or development; a method of doing or producing something; progress or course of time

Processing … it’s a process.

And let’s be honest I am only just at the beginning of it,

I’ve a feeling there is much more processing to come,

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