on seasons, gratitude and holding things lightly

on seasons, gratitude and holding things lightly

One morning I found my daughter trying to sticky-tape the buckle back onto her favourite school shoes. The velcro that felt like cotton wool and scuffed toes, had for weeks given me the clue that these shoes were on their way out. But my daughter had been in denial, and it wasn’t until that morning that she finally accepted it. As is our habit with much loved things, she thanked them and placed them sadly in the bin. The end of a season had come and it was time to purchase new shoes.

We are heading out of one season into another as a family. We are heading from a season of roots and stability, into one with more shifting sands. Like my daughter I have seen the signs of this change coming.

However, I like to think that I wasn’t in denial.

“This is just a season”, I would say, “we need to enjoy it.” And enjoy it we have. Yet, my surface reaction is not a true reflection of what has been going on at my core.

I have only a vague idea of what this new season will bring.  And when I really examine my core, I am in denial.

I want to know. I want to be in control. I want to have it all figured out before I let go. I thought I was holding this season gratefully but lightly. Whilst in actuality I have been clutching it to my chest like a pair of useless shoes that have met the end of their days.

I need to take a lead from my daughter, who sadly, but graciously, thanked her shoes. I need to be grateful for the season that is ending and accept the new season that is coming.

And yes, like those shoes this time of change is uncomfortable. The new season will take some wearing in and it may chafe as we adjust to it. But eventually it will end up comfortable and familiar, that is, until it is time for the next pair.

Join me for the journey,