everyday … a challenge

stop breathe focus

The thing I have noticed about challenges, is that they seem insurmountable when you look at them as a whole, but seem much, much more manageable when you focus on the next step.

I know this isn’t rocket science, and that I am simply stating the blooming obvious. But every now and again I get another “aha” moment when I am feeling overwhelmed, and I remember to stop, breathe and just focus on the next step.

October has been busy already for us, Little Miss’ party (done), a woman’s event that I am leading on the 20th, Mr possibly travelling at some date to be advised, oh and the small commitment of writing for 31 days in a row on one topic, (let’s not even mention normal family stuff). When I look at all of these things as a whole, it’s way too much, and some of the things in and of themselves have the power to tip me over the edge. But just focusing on each day, each step has, in reality, been the only way I could deal with life.

It is not my default position, I like to feel organised, I like to feel like everything is under control. Honestly I like to feel comfortable. But I can’t avoid the sense of satisfaction that comes after the task is completed, the party over, the event done, even a little blog post. Those little slivers of satisfaction, learning something new, realising I can cope with a problem I thought insurmountable, hitting publish. They are what keep me going every day.

PS – today I learnt how to use an eftpos machine as a merchant. Celebrating learning something new today.

2 thoughts on “everyday … a challenge

  1. You’re one step ahead of me! I have no idea what an eftpos machine is 🙂

  2. oh that is the safest way to use an eftpos machine!! Much much safer than as a buyer.

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