the encouragers …strength for the challenge

When I watch a sporting final and the victor thanks the crowd for their support, I often feel like it is a rote thing. Like Grammy winners thanking God, or Oscar winners thanking the Academy.

Yet today, I can relate to the sportspeople (and those who know my athletic ability will be astounded by this!) I have just finished my first week of writing every day, and it has been so much harder than I expected. And in part what has kept me going has been my crowd, those on the sidelines yelling out encouraging words, even small simple phrases like “you can do it”.

So today I, like my much-maligned sportspeople, thank my crowd. You know who you are … and thank you.

2 thoughts on “the encouragers …strength for the challenge

  1. YAY! I’m so looking forward to my post everyday 🙂 You remind me of that movie, Julie and Julia, where she has to cook a different recipe everyday for one year, and blog about it. (she had no kids, so blogging is more than enough for you hehehe!)
    Keep’em comin’

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