formed by family

A month of Sundays is a new initiative by two friends who live on opposite sides of the country and see each other infrequently. At a recent reunion we decided we would encourage each other’s writings by starting a joint blog topic. ‘A month of Sundays’ is the result. Our first topic is Formed: What and who made us who we are today. Look out for our posts on Sundays.

Jodie (onlyhalfwaythere) and Alice (musicAl mama)

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When where you live changes every three years, not just in terms of another city, but another country, then you find that other things arise to take that place.  For me one of those things was my family.

I am the eldest of three siblings and with just three years between the three of us, we were inevitably close. This closeness with my siblings and my parents was further enhanced by our travel. When I reflect upon my 10 years as a ‘third culture kid’, I am constantly amazed at how Australian I felt, (although I clearly didn’t sound it, as I discovered to my dismay on my return!) My parents managed to build in us a strong sense of being Australian, while still being open to international living.

As they are both from families from country Western Australia, I believe that this sense of place, and family ties was strong in them already before their travel. And indeed on our return the extended family became very important to us all, as we re-established our life in Perth and started to find our feet to form new friendships.

Having people who embrace you just because you are family, even when you have had a ten-year break from relationship with them is a wonderful thing. This is something Mr and I have carried into our lives. We are blessed to be part of strong families that talk to each other and enjoy hanging out together. We understand how rare and precious that is, we don’t take it for granted and it is something we want to instil in our girls.