the worst form of procrastination

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I have been having a conversation with Mr of late, about the stuff I am reading. The myriad of blogs, and the links that follow that lead into a rabbit warren of differing opinions and ideas.

Now don’t misunderstand me here, learning from others is great, finding people who you absolutely identify with through their writing is amazing, and reading to broaden your outlook is definitely a good thing. But for me right now, I am doing too much reading, and not enough being.

I have a Pinterest board full of cooking ideas, but I am uninspired in the kitchen. I have a myriad of possible activities I want to try (one day) with the girls, but I am overwhelmed by the choices and so don’t do any. I am reading some great stuff about being creative, about being the person God created me to be, about living out of that place. But I am doing no writing. All I have to show is an amazon cart full of possible books to buy that could further inspire me (note inherent procrastination here, not yet purchased, or shipped, or heaven forbid read).

And this, this is the worst form of procrastination. I feel like I am progressing, I feel like I am constantly inspired, but the creativity remains dormant. I am caught in a vicious circle of other people’s wonderful ideas, with no tangible creations of my own. And I wonder why I am feeling frustrated and why I am not feeling energised.

True creativity starts in the head and heart, yes, with a flicker of an idea, a deep gut inspiration, but there must be some action, some outworking that follows. That recipe needs to be cooked before you can taste it. No matter how much you are inspired by the picture it will give no nourishment. And the same goes for the writing and the activities with the girls. No amount of thinking about things makes them happen, sometimes you just have to stop the procrastination and create.


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