The things I do to avoid writing

cross and rosemary

There is a strange tension in writing this book. See the topic is grief. It involves delving into the hard stuff. It is not easy to write. When I do get words on paper it is inevitably draining.

Naturally this means I often find myself in creative procrastination, in order to avoid being emotionally battered by what I am writing.

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the worst form of procrastination

water sand feet

I have been having a conversation with Mr of late, about the stuff I am reading. The myriad of blogs, and the links that follow that lead into a rabbit warren of differing opinions and ideas.

Now don’t misunderstand me here, learning from others is great, finding people who you absolutely identify with through their writing is amazing, and reading to broaden your outlook is definitely a good thing. But for me right now, I am doing too much reading, and not enough being.

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