procrastination … a challenge


Today, I’m out of ideas and that is mostly because I have a big block in my head called “planning what I need to say on Saturday night”.

I know until that is done I am going to be sadly lacking in inspiration. And that is precisely why I am sitting here blogging instead of focusing on that. Because if I do it becomes more real, more tangible. It becomes reality, that I will be standing in front of over 150 people talking, for a lot of the night.

For someone who thinks of herself as ‘best in one-on-one or small group situations’,  this is ridiculous. So today I have focused on my girls, and the washing, and the dishes and the food. (Anyone else find their house runs so much more smoothly when they have something big they are putting off doing?)

And I am deliberately taking my time over this post too, because when it’s done, I’ll have no more excuses, will I?

PS: on the plus side, I got a couple of hours sleep this afternoon (procrastination well used!)

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