challenge … summary


Seriously, have no brain space left … so here is a summary:

eating – haven’t yet, but the plan for dinner tonight is steak with truffle mustard and a big green salad. Looking forward to it, but have made myself write first.

pondering – how much I miss Mr when he’s away and take him for granted when he’s here.

learning – to adjust with my kids, and be more sensitive to their needs especially with their Dad away.

organising – heck, where do I start or stop … everything!

reading – Facebook over and over again, in the vain hope that there might be some gem of inspiration there – yep, scraping the barrel I know.

relating – love the people that have come alongside me at this time both physically, and with words of encouragement and prayer.

seeing – that “incremental exposure” does need to be just that “incremental”, because if I had even had an inkling at the beginning of what this event tomorrow was going to entail for me personally I would have dropped it like a hot coal. Feeling unnaturally calm, (or should that be supernaturally?)