31 days … the challengers


As I have mentioned previously, reading for me is difficult, and so in order to get some input and intellectual stimulation I read blogs. There are a number of women writers that I subscribe to and love, and what I love is that they don’t give me a warm fuzzy feeling, or a comfortable glow about my life, but instead they speak into my spirit. They challenge me on a number of levels and for that I am grateful.

For pondering, check out Deep Breathing for the Soul, I have loved Keri Wyatt Kent since I read her first book “Breathe: Making room for God in your hectic life” many years ago. She has a heart for hospitality that reminds me of my mum, and the love of food that Mum has passed on to us. She writes with intelligence, emotion and insight about both family matters and spiritual ones. Her post on spiritual healing has really started me pondering, and the one on always trust your story is working something in my heart. I also love Chatting at the Sky and cannot count how many times what Emily has shared has been right on the money for me.

For organising, I love Small Notebook. Rachel thinks in a very similar way to me and so her tips work great for me. I particularly relate to her idea of measuring the filing pile to see progress .. just the way I work!

For eating, my favourite website is Eat Your Books which actually allows me to browse my own cookbooks for recipes. Love it, and it challenges me to cook from the books I have rather than purchase more.

Today, I’m loving a good challenge, and the challengers!

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  1. Thanks for your sweet recommendation of my blog, Jodie. And I’m quite impressed that you are blogging for 31 days in a row–as you know I’m not quite that consistent–but I’m inspired since you are doing it to at least blog more frequently! this is my first visit to your blog, it’s lovely. Keep up the good work.

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