the last jigsaw pieces … a challenge

While we were away recently my brother-in-law pulled out a jigsaw that we all worked on over the weekend. At one stage I found myself sitting in front of the jigsaw muttering to myself  “I don’t like this bit, this bit’s hard”.

Yes you guessed it, the big space there needs to be filled with a field of purply-pink flowers. This took us longer than any other part of the jigsaw. But we were so close to finishing. We could see what the picture was supposed to look like, and it gave us motivation to get it done.

Although the process was laborious and frustrating, we all took turns with each piece trying to get them to fit. And when one did, the celebration was huge. Excessive really. We hadn’t been that excited in doing the rest of the picture, but for every success during this stage of the process there was a great sense of achievement.

I’m holding onto that memory right now … and the fact that we did get it finished.