the over-active brain … a challenge

With this event on the weekend, I have hit that fabulous time when my brain goes into overdrive. So much so, that I am waking in the night and not able to get back to sleep, until I go through everything again and remember that it is all already under control. Which it is, … it is just that my mind ends up on this hamster wheel and I can’t get off.

I had the bright idea today of trying to sleep while Bubba Girl did, reasoning “if I am going to wake up in the night anyway I may as well sleep now”. I didn’t count on my overactive mind though.  Turns out it stops me from even falling asleep in the daytime.

So what was the solution? I decide to use all my excess energy and brain power for something different and totally unrelated. I put on some music, and worked on organising my study. So I am sitting here tonight, writing from a cleared desk, and feeling, actually, pretty pleased with myself.

One thought on “the over-active brain … a challenge

  1. Oh boy – I need a moment like that! Too much in my head that needs clearing … and too many unfinished projects! GOOD work!

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