New Years Wordplay

2015 potential

Happy New Year! I hope you have all had a wonderful start to a brand new year. I have been enjoying the post-christmas calm with some much-needed family time, hence things have been a little quieter here on the blog.

You know how much I love to choose a new word or phrase for the start of the year, and I also want to review my word for 2014 capacity, and how that impacted my year. Both those things are coming when I am not spending so much time in the pool, playing board games and making homemade ice-cream. (See I’ve got my priorities straight!)

But I thought to start 2015, it would be fun to have a wordplay. We have Elaine Fraser over at Beautiful Books to thank for this one. Her post yesterday has meant I have been mulling over this word and so I pulled out my trusty dictionary.

Potential: possible but not yet actual; capable of being or becoming; expressing possibility; latent but unrealised ability.

Isn’t it a wonderful word?  It is inspiring me to dream. There is so much that is possible.

It is the beginning of a new year, it is filled with potential, and what’s more so are we.

Happy New Year, and may you realise the potential both within yourself and in this new start,



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