In the waiting: slow down

In the waiting: slow down - advent devotionak

My youngest daughter decided she was going to read the bible. We suggested she start with the new testament, and after a short while reading she exclaimed, “there’s a lot of babies in this story.” She had been reading the gospel of Matthew which lists the lineage of Jesus. Starting from Abraham, through David, to … Continue reading In the waiting: slow down

Slow your Christmas: generously

‘One day to go’, so says the Christmas countdown that my youngest has been turning over religiously each morning. One day before the noise, and the mayhem, and the laughter, and the arguments, and the tears. Because Christmas does not magically make us exempt from those things. It is a day just like any other, … Continue reading Slow your Christmas: generously

Slow your Christmas: hopefully

“It is a time of hope and good cheer, to last throughout the year”. Or so it seems as the Christmas tunes on constant replay meld themselves together in my head. But what if you are feeling anything but cheery? What if this year has been pure hard slog from day one and it never … Continue reading Slow your Christmas: hopefully

Slow your Christmas: reflectively

I dropped the girls at school, and sighed deeply. It had been a morning of tears, and grumpiness. I felt I had gone ten rounds of emotional battle before 9am, (and lost most of them). I was weary and teary, but I rushed home and got things ready for the trip to Rockingham. I called … Continue reading Slow your Christmas: reflectively