Prepare him room in your joy

Joy to the world, the Lord has comeLet earth receive her kingLet every heart prepare him room We sang this hymn this morning at church, these beautiful words that I have been basing my devotions on this advent. And once more I was struck by the fact that we need to prepare room in our … Continue reading Prepare him room in your joy

Tending the plant

Our local supermarket is doing another one of those promotions. You know the one, where somehow your own children pester you so they can collect the last remaining gimmicky plastic thing. Except this time the supermarket have played their hand well, and the gimmicky thing my kids want to collect is little pots, with seeds, … Continue reading Tending the plant

Breaking Ground

The advent of September heralds Spring in Australia. The days are warming with evenings crisp and cool, not yet the balmy relief we need in Summer.  The native flowers are blooming, I have kangaroo paws unfurling outside my study window, growing taller each day. And the blossom of fruit trees is a cloud of pink, … Continue reading Breaking Ground