31 days … a challenge

One of the best bosses in my life has been my dad, and one of his favourite sayings is “incremental exposure to stressful situations”. This quoted after he has created the challenge, and placed me slap bang in the middle of the stressful situation.

It usually doesn’t feel incremental and it usually feels very, very stressful. But after the ‘situation’ as such, is over I am always amazed at how I did manage to handle it. I was capable, competent and I often surprise myself with the skills that Dad has already recognized in me, and encouraged me to own and understand simply by pushing me.

I have his words ringing in my ears now as I contemplate my own incremental exposure. A number of blogs that I read, write for 31 days in a row on one topic through the month of October. For me it is scary to even consider writing every day, let alone on one topic, but I feel challenged this month. So starting today I am writing on challenge for 31 days …

PS – this has already been something of a challenge as I am posting while on a weekend away. Difficult with navigating the technology, but really can you think of a better place to write.


5 thoughts on “31 days … a challenge

  1. Yes, what better place?! Such a gorgeous photo too. I look forward to the other 30 days!

  2. Hey Jo! You’ve inspired me, so I’ll join you on the challenge. I had to put together a presentation very quickly about music for MOPS last week, so guess what I’ll be posting about? I agree with Von. Gorgeous photo 🙂 xx

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