feeding my soul … strength for the challenge

Any athlete will tell you that diet is a huge part of their training regime. They deliberately manage fat intake, decide carefully when they need to carbo-load, and restrict certain unhealthy choices. All these deliberate choices enable the athlete’s body to be at the right level to get the most benefit of their training and be at peak condition to compete.


You may get the impression from reading the blog of late that it’s all tough going. Therein lies the difficulty of writing on ‘challenge’ for an extended period of time. Yes, while I do have challenges, every day is pretty ordinary, and things are happening at a reasonable pace.

Part of what has helped me keep this equilibrium is my diet so to speak, those little moments that I treasure that equip me for things ahead.

My favourite ‘foods’ at the moment are:

Cuddles from my girls
Looking forward to a date night with Mr
Getting back into cooking (… loving it)
Phone calls from good friends
Feeling connected again to my church community
A little time on my own each day (… spent mostly on blogging!)
The winning combination of rose tea and Calisson
My kangaroo paws flowering

So in a way my ‘diet’ is enabling me to store energy for the challenges up ahead.


4 thoughts on “feeding my soul … strength for the challenge

  1. Glad to help provide a small part of your ‘food’, while you have been a huge part of my diet lately in my challenge. Love this post. Made me smile!

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