One question I often get asked, especially in this season of life, is “how do you find time to write?” For me it always an odd question. I find it confusing that people need to ask that. In fact it is comparable with “how do you find time to get dinner on the table everyday?” It is quite simply necessity.

Dinner everyday for my family is a necessity. I can’t put the kids to bed without some food in their tummies. We all need nourishment to keep us going, to give us energy for everything we have to tackle in life. And writing is the same for me, it nourishes me and sustains me.

Yes, I know getting dinner on the table every evening is often a stretch. I know that sometimes it looks more like reheated nuggets in the oven with a thrown together salad.


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soul food

I love to cook, I have one bookshelf totally dedicated top to bottom to cookbooks. I love to plan what we eat, carefully choosing the best ingredients, and can’t wait to get in the kitchen with those ingredients and see what I can create. I love the whole process of getting food from recipe to reality. It is something I take great care with, I am purposeful about it.

Yet over the last few months I have realised there is another sort of food I need, and that is food for my soul. I need to be planning ahead, actively searching for the right ingredients,  and creating the time and space to feed my soul.

At the moment I am in a weird pattern. A pattern where I focus on ticking off my to-do list, or I focus on the  house, or the family.  Then, when I realise my soul is starving, I feed it junk food. I feed it a multitude of different voices from other people’s blogs. Food that gives a little nourishment but not enough. I am feeding it with quick pre-prepared meals that have no depth of flavour, no sustenance. Yes they are good for a quick easy feed, but my soul needs something more substantial, more life-giving.


My particularity about food makes me rather difficult to live with. Sometimes when Mr asks what I want to eat, I will reply with “I don’t know”. Then follows a list of useful suggestions from Mr, and a chorus of “no, not that” from me. I often find I am more clear about what I don’t want to eat than what I do.

I am in this situation, at the moment, with my soul food. I know I am sick of existing on a myriad of daily blog posts. I know I need something more, but I’m not really sure what.

I have a feeling that just sitting down to write this, might be part of the answer.

PS: Just so you know, I love blogs, I love reading and being inspired by others. The problem (for me at least) is when they are the only food for my soul.

feeding my soul … strength for the challenge

Any athlete will tell you that diet is a huge part of their training regime. They deliberately manage fat intake, decide carefully when they need to carbo-load, and restrict certain unhealthy choices. All these deliberate choices enable the athlete’s body to be at the right level to get the most benefit of their training and be at peak condition to compete.


You may get the impression from reading the blog of late that it’s all tough going. Therein lies the difficulty of writing on ‘challenge’ for an extended period of time. Yes, while I do have challenges, every day is pretty ordinary, and things are happening at a reasonable pace.

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