recovery … a challenge

quietness and trust

I have just had two home days, (or 1.5 as I went to Church on Sunday morning). I have not left the house for two days, not to go to the shop, or visit a friend. The furtherest we have travelled has been to the letter box.

I know that doesn’t seem like a huge achievement and I know a lot of people who would love to have two days at home, but for me with the two little girls, I get to a stage in the day where I look at them and say, “ok we are going out”.

But after Saturday, I knew I needed recovery time, I knew taking the girls anywhere was not good idea, especially with Mr away. I knew my house need some TLC after the neglect of the past few days, and I knew my kids needed some real one-on-one time with mum. So I have stayed home, and you know what I’ve survived.  The dishes got done, I cooked nutritious meals instead of something from the freezer (let’s not talk about whether the girls ate it!), and beautiful friends have visited us and brightened up our day.

Tomorrow I don’t have a choice, tomorrow we have to leave the house, but I think the whole family (and the house) has benefitted from a little recovery.

3 thoughts on “recovery … a challenge

  1. Jo I have had the same today! Sorry for not keeping up with your challenge 🙁 After 5 late nights due to rehearsals and shows, then a matinee yesterday afternoon I’m thankful that today was a pupil free day. The kids and I did some much needed reorganising and tidy up in and around the house. Wednesday is our next rental inspection. I also got to bed before 8.30 last night and feel so much better. I’d better get to bed now as I have to leave early tomorrow. Lovely to read your post to end my day! Hope that Saturday night went well 🙂 xx GB Alice

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