normal … a challenge

We talk a lot in life about finding balance; work-life balance, a balanced diet, even sometimes refer to things being a ‘balancing act’. And I guess that is the way I have felt of late. But the image of balancing means that the beam you are standing on is very slender, and it is inherently precarious. It is a wobbly situation, there is very real danger of falling off, and only experts manage to stay there.


I feel like this month I have been in a particular mode of thinking and it goes like this … “when x is over, then we can get back to normal”. But after x comes y, and after y comes z etc. I am starting to realise that maybe I need to change my perspective on normal. I am starting to think that maybe life isn’t so much a balancing act.

Maybe life is just life, and the metaphors though useful, can also be restrictive. For me at the moment it is unhelpful to think of life as needing to be balanced. Because right now we are going through a busy season. It is full of things to do, people to see, and life to live. I need to be okay with the fact that this is my normal right now. And without a doubt just when I am getting used to this normal, my normal will change again, and I need to be okay with that too.