advent coffee

I have one coffee a day, a short Mac – strong espresso with a dash of milk. It is my little indulgence, my pick me up, my get going button. My girls already know how important it is for mum to have her coffee in the morning. Little Miss helps Daddy make it, and Bubba Girl sits in her high chair imitating the sounds of the machine (very accurately, I must say!)

There is a process to my morning coffee, the beans are ground, the milk is frothed, the water runs over the grind and creates heaven. It takes time, but it is worth it for the strength it gives me through the day.


Today, the first advent of this season, I have a number of thoughts brewing, percolating and gently bubbling away: peace, quiet, stillness, advent, the advent of Christ, the child, the king, the babe, the saviour.

And what is my response? To listen to those thoughts, to let them brew and become strong, to reinvigorate me, kick start me, give me strength for today.

One thought on “advent coffee

  1. Gosh, that is beautiful. I haven’t given advent a second thought…ahem…might do some percolating myself tonight when the dust has settled x

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