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When I started this blog back in May 2010 (oh my gosh three years!) I was a new mum and I was feeling stuck in life. I wanted to get moving, get motivated. I used the blog as a way to keep myself accountable, to work through things I had to do. In some ways it was a tool to help me achieve things. My initial posts were all focused on the topic of ‘lists’, and ticking things off. My end goal was a piece of paper with lots of things crossed off.

So I called it onlyhalfwaythere and the implication was that halfway was a bad thing and the blog was going to help me get things completed and ticked off that seemingly eternal list.

As the blog evolved and grew, I moved away from the rigid focus of my posts on lists, and achievements, to more of a free-flowing musing on different things in my life. And with it I too began to evolve.

I have been working though some things of late, and when a friend recently sent me the “how are you doing?” text, my reply was that things were “hard but good”. She came straight back with “hard but good – that’s the place to live, isn’t it”.

What I am starting to understand is that being onlyhalfwaythere isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I am starting to understand that sometimes the process is more important than the completed task. I am starting to understand that some things will never be ticked off my eternal list. I am starting to understand that sometimes being stuck in the middle is actually right where you are supposed to be. I am starting to understand that onlyhalfwaythere is the place to live.

3 thoughts on “the place to live

  1. It’s lovely to know the background story. I always thought the name was because we’re all only half way ‘there’. Half way to Heaven.
    Beautifully written btw. Very poetic. xx

  2. Smart friend 😉
    The evolving is so beautiful and so right. So hard too, of course.

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